In Which There Are Weekend Shenanigans

I didn’t have homework looming over my head this weekend, which was pretty great. I felt like I should be doing something relating to grades, but instead on Friday Shreya and I found some wonderful art galleries in Dupont Circle. This experience was a lot more fun than writing an essay, even though I am now essentially writing an essay about it (it’s about the mindset though, stop judging me).

My only photographic evidence from these various galleries is this horrifically artsy picture from Instagram:

Screen Shot 2015-06-06 at 5.11.23 PM

It’s way cooler in person, I promise. If you want to learn more, check out the Hillyer Art Space website. The artist is a Taiwanese women named Hsin-Hsi Chen.The gallery seem to focus more on her 3D sculpture than these little squares. BUT I like these squares more and I wish you could see the full thing. It starts off with a drawing of a pencil, which then proceeds to blow up into these geometric shapes and follows an incredibly complex course of life until finally settling down again into a normal pencil shape. Shreya and I heard this lady next to us remark to her friend that this series was “an embellishment of the idea” (see Instagram caption). I think she was referring to the fact that a pencil can literally make anything you want it to make if you use it properly, so this series is merely an embellishment/showcase of a pencil’s abilities. I thought it was an interesting phrase, if not a little pretentious, but I’m slowly learning that this city is either filled with a lot of pretentious, put together people or a lot of cool, normal people masquerading as pretentious.

Also no one ever seems to change out of their work clothes. Personally I can’t wait to take off my suit pants at the end of the day but maybe that’s because I’m used to my normal grungy college-self and the more comfy I am the better. But maybe work clothes are comfy for these people? That’s an interesting lifestyle choice I must say but I guess that’s what you do when you work in DC.

Fast forward to Sunday (on which day there were thankfully a lot more casually dressed people): we went to brunch at this great place called Busboys and Poets. I wish I had a picture of the wall we were facing because it was absolutely wonderful. They had glued a lot of black and white pictures of activists from all over the world and had written inspiring quotes all over. Their food was amazing and we’re actually going back there tonight for a spoken word/open mic night hosted by them in conjunction with DC Pride, so maybe I can snag a picture of the wall then.

We also did a museum walk which was great because I got to explore more of the city. It seems big, but if the weather is nice it’s actually not impossible to walk 20 minutes and get to where you need to go. Unfortunately all my navigating has caused me to use up most of my data plan so hopefully I can fix that before I am stranded without (god forbid) an electronic way to get myself home. We were talking on Sunday about how people got around without directions on their phones, and I would imagine everyone was a lot nicer to each other because you had to rely on others to get where you where you wanted to go.

But my phone is just so comforting! <- this is how and why robots are going to take over the world, I guarantee it.

Okay cheers everybody I need to go make dinner!

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