– It’s heartbreaking seeing homeless people right outside Whole Foods; the small distance between the doors and the bench conveys so much about what is wrong with this country

– Never go anywhere in DC without an umbrella; you may get stuck in an apocalyptic-type rainstorm that involves wading through gross rivers on the side of the road

– Is it the humidity that makes it hard to breathe, or my own oppressive body?

– Making friends with strangers on the metro is a wonderful and sad experience. You learn so much in such a short time but you’ll (probably) never see them again

– As the Huff Post says, “Transracial identity is a concept that allows white people to indulge in blackness as a commodity.” Transracial is not the same thing as transgender, you idiots. If you’re at all confused, please read the article that’s linked

– Pride is very validating I think it’s become too commercialised; I ended up with too many objects that screamed support from different companies. I’m sure they care, but how much? Why aren’t they more outspoken the rest of the year?

– Open mic nights inspire me but often these artists are nowhere to be found on the internet because they’re just ordinary people. But then I can’t read and reread their poetry afterwards! Maybe that’s the point

– If the lights go off on the subway, get off the subway. Even if the announcement is garbled and you can’t understand what’s being said

– The Swedes know how to put on a good soccer viewing party

– How many high-end stores can you cram in one place? I dunno, ask Georgetown

– It’s hot as balls

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