Updates and Goodbye to America (for a while)

I am currently sitting at the airport in Atlanta at gate F3 (anybody around?? Come say hi!!). I thought I’d post a little bit before I leave the good ol’ U S of A.

This weekend I visited my sestra for her birthday (which is TODAY everyone wish her happy birthday!!) and she showed me around Atlanta. I’ve never been here but it’s really nice. I like the vibes.

Yesterday we went to Dragon Con, which was basically nerd heaven. I don’t think I’ve ever had to navigate that many people indoors and I don’t know how anybody would organise this thing, it was insane. And we only went for a day. But if you even remotely like Star Wars/Lord of the Rings/Dr Who/etc I highly recommend you going to one of these conventions at least once in your life, at least for the people watching. There were some fantastic costumes and it was like early Halloween. Also it’s currently trending on the Facebook side bar thing so like, we’re a pretty big deal obviously.

Also I wrote the following a couple days ago flying from Florida to Atlanta. I hate terrible transitions but I don’t have time to smooth it out because my flight is boarding so here it is in all its raw and probably cheesy beauty:

I’ve been thinking about clouds a lot recently, mostly because I’ve been on airplanes more times this year than I think has ever happened.

At one point during elementary school my sister did a unit on types of clouds. For months after she’d point out specific cloud formations, proudly telling me their names. The only one I remember is called a cumulonimbus, which are the really tall vertical (sometimes fluffy) clouds.

My flight to Atlanta on Thursday was delayed and therefore coincided with a spectacular sunset I got to see from above. This was framed by an array of different cloud textures all around me. Underneath were hilly terrain clouds, rough and rolling and laid out for miles in either direction. Above were streaky clouds, stretched out like the end of a paint streak where the brush has run out of paint. Across from me were great columns climbing even higher in weird cartoon-like shapes (I think these were considered cumulonimbus).

I don’t know a whole lot about clouds as you can probably tell by my descriptions, but depending on where you go they can be completely different. Or very much the same.

In Minnesota there were often what I called “Toy Story” clouds that were perfectly shaped and fluffy like the ones on Andy’s wallpaper. They’d look fantastic reflected in the lakes.

I didn’t see those in Florida. The clouds there are definitely more intense and at points (especially in the evenings) there are several different formations all at once, often with one housing a large amount of lightning. Those clouds are large and intimidating but never really get anywhere or do anything.

I’ve always found cloud-watching to be interesting, as looking into the sky to find familiar earth shapes in the clouds is a strange idea. Then again, humans like familiarity and enjoy tying arbitrary things to themselves and their lives (as I am doing now).

I don’t know what types of clouds I’m going to find in Hungary, and maybe I won’t really even notice them since I’ll be busy doing other things. I will however be flying through a lot of clouds in the next 24 hours so maybe there will be new formations to observe and compare to other familiar, known things.

P.S. If you haven’t noticed this is a complete metaphor for my upcoming adventures and I’m gonna be doing a lot of comparing of more than just clouds in the next couple months. Aren’t I clever?

OKAY that’s all for me until I get settled. Stay fancy, folks.

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  1. Uncle Angi

     /  September 9, 2015

    Dragon Con?! I’m jealous.



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